APHSA Annual Report 2018

From the President and CEO

Dear APHSA Members, Colleagues and Partners,

2018 was a pivotal year for our members and the future of the health and human services (H/HS) system. At our National Health and Human Services Summit, we introduced our Strategic Playbook—a living, adaptable strategy which outlines the direction of the association over the next five years. Informed by our members, partners, and staff—and approved by our Executive Governing Board—the Strategic Playbook is designed to keep a laser focus on our core mission, assure our work is aligned with the desired future state of the field, connect us through common tools and language and provide clear direction for how each of us—in our respective and collective roles—can contribute. As one of our members put it, “We are past the conceptual stage. Health and human services transformation is a movement. We are all in this together, and together we will improve the lives of the people we serve every day.” Pragmatic approaches and model frameworks like social determinants of health, human-centered design, behavioral insights, neuroscience and the Value Curve are now playing a more significant part in the design and delivery of services. The system is embracing a whole-family, generative approach and shrugging off the old, siloed system rooted in compliance and programmatic outputs. Our Collaborative Centers continued to work in partnership with our affinity group leadership to promote innovative, practical solutions that lead to gainful employment , child and family well-being and overall population health and well-being —the three pillars of the desired future state. These efforts are buttressed by our Organizational Effectiveness team who work on-the-ground with state and local agencies to close the gap between the results and vision they desire and where they are today. We also continued our efforts to foster collaboration between dedicated H/HS professionals from the public and nonprofit sectors, as you’ll see in multiple examples in the pages that follow. One ongoing effort that I’m particularly proud of is our continued partnership with the Kresge Foundation. In May, we wrapped up a multi-year grant, facilitated by the APHSA Organizational Effectiveness team, which helped four jurisdictions build capacity and create change.

APHSA Strategic Playbook

GuidingOurWork for2018-2022 ApprovedbyAPHSAExecutiveGoverningBoard,Dec.2017



The Strategic Playbook is shaped by our newly adopted vision and mission statements: Vision Thriving Communities Built on Human Potential Mission APHSA advances the well-being of all people by  influencing modern approaches to sound

policy, building  the capacity of public agencies to enable healthy families and communities,

and  connecting  leaders to accelerate learning and generate practical solutions together. ...Because we build well-being from the ground up.


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