APHSA Symposium 2019

VI. Appendices A. Full SymposiumAgenda B. Pre-symposium survey results c. Panel presentation slides

C-1: Innovation, Analytics, and Data-informed Decision Making (Patricia Babcock, FL) C-2: Delivering People-Centered, Data-Driven Services (KimMcCoyWade, CA) C-3: Becoming Data-Driven & Connecting to Purpose (Connor Norwood, IN) C-4: Building Our Analytics Culture (Ron Chavarro, Kevin Filbey, John Ruthinoski, Fairfax Co.) C-5: The Deeper Dive: Why Taking the Plunge Matters (FredWulczyn, Chapin Hall) C-6: Accelerating the Use of Analytics: • Advancing Analytical Decision-Making in Long-Term Supports (Erika Robbins, The Lewin Group) • Analytics in Action (Jeanne McNeil, Optum) • Beyond Analytics: Foundations of AI to Achieve Predictive Decisions (Don Johnson, Optum) C-7: Getting Big Data to the Good Guys (Chris Kingsley, A.E. Casey Foundation) D. Breakout Template for State and Local Teams E. Attendee Roster

Building a culture of analytics to create a healthier world! 11

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