APHSA Symposium 2019

Appendix B. Pre-symposium survey results

Symposium for Action Pre-symposium Findings Presentation by Phil Basso, APHSA Director of Organizational Effectiveness The purpose of the pre-symposium survey and calls was to understand what’s foremost on the minds of participants in order to:

• Strengthen the planned presentations • Determine the breakout spotlight topics • Set the stage for next steps after the symposium Consensus emerged around seven topics: 1. Making your desired state for data and analytics clear • Linking your data and analysis priorities to overall strategy and program priorities. • Putting programs/practitioner in the driver’s seat on data and analysis • Answering the question, “why do we need analytics?” 2. Building up the data literacy of your staff  • Defining terms: who is doing this well/no need to reinvent in every system • Using broad internal programs like a data academy • Linking analytics to case-level workflows and practice models • Making decisions using (imperfect) data and analysis 3. Workforce staffing challenges

• Staffing and staff retention strategies • Using both internal and contracted talent

• Having the right mix of skillsets and developing them as needed 4. Sharing and managing data across programs and entities • Partnership development around shared goals

• Different approaches to governance • Having strong legal counsel in place • Understanding what political will is in place • Outlook on federal-level supports  

5. “Knowing what we know” about inequities by race and place • Ethical considerations: what are we obliged to study and act upon? • Practical considerations: how do we impact disparities we know about?

6. Using a Theory of Impact to drive factor modeling, ROI analysis and continuous learning • Understanding what it takes to establish algorithms connecting data to predictive power • Creating a culture of learning and of generating evidence 7. Specific analytics applications, especially matching resources to needs, preventing trauma, and making the ROI case • Long-term support services • Child welfare

• Social and economic mobility for TANF recipients Opioids/substance abuse prevention and treatment

APHSA H/HS Analytics Symposium for Action 2019 14

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