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Name: Morgan McKinney Title: Project Associate, Process Innovation Time at APHSA: I joined APHSA in September 2022. Priorities at APHSA: I manage

Institution to research economic trajectories for youth impacted by low incomes and investigate how states utilized federal pandemic funding to bolster equitable youth workforce development efforts. Before my fel lowship, I spent three years conducting global health implementation research. During this time, I focused on implementing innovative cervical cancer screening devices in diverse policy landscapes, with a particular emphasis on the United States and Peru. What I Can Do for Our Members: I can provide technical assistance or facilitate workgroups for process innovation efforts such as cross-program coordination, customer centricity, process alignment, design frameworks, service delivery, and business process change, as well as make connections between members and others in the sector doing similar work. Best Way to Reach Me: I can be reached via email at mmckinney@aphsa.org. When Not Working: I enjoy spending time outdoors through activities such as backpacking, camping, kayaking, and running. I also love reading, cooking, and experi menting with new recipes. Motto to Live By: Progress, not perfection. from the University of Maryland Baltimore County, which allowed me to gain the skill set and understanding of best prac tices for curriculum design and development and gave me the space to explore a variety of learning technologies. What I Can Do for Our Members: I can create interactive and engaging content to increase impact and knowledge retention. I also can help foster an open environment within our learning management system that provides the space for collaboration and continuous learning among members. Best Way to Reach Me: I can be reached via email at fsena@aphsa.org. When Not Working: I enjoy traveling, reading, and being outdoors. I’ve been planning my upcoming wedding and travel details for a honeymoon in Ireland to follow! Motto to Live By: If you are not obsessed with your life, change it.

the Coordinating SNAP and Nutrition Supports (CSNS) cohort. My goal is to support agencies in their efforts to center community voice in developing SNAP and associ ated service delivery process enhancements and elevate learnings to our members. Additionally, I lead the Process Innovation Community of Practice, which brings together human services practitioners across policy, operations, IT, and programmatic expertise areas to exchange insights and share best practices. I also support our internal priorities through participation in our Race Equity Committee, Project Management Workgroup, and Data Metrics Workgroup. Life Before APHSA: Prior to joining APHSA, I served as an Emerson National Hunger Fellow where I worked with Community Farm Alliance, a community based organization in Kentucky, to establish a grassroots coalition to improve SNAP access and nutritional security across the state. I also worked with the Brookings

Name: Francesca Sena Title: Instructional Designer Time at APHSA: I joined APHSA in May 2022. Priorities at APHSA: I create training curricula and eLearning

projects for in-class, online, and blended learning solutions. My focus for the past several months has been on the devel opment, build, and launch of our new learning management system, THRIVE (see https://thrive.matrixlms.com) . Life Before APHSA: Prior to APHSA, I attended Towson University, studying Mass Communications. While there, I had the opportunity to study abroad in London, England for a semester, and for a summer internship in Florence, Italy. My time abroad completely changed my world view and increased my cultural competence. I then went on to earn a Master of Arts in Learning and Performance Technology

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