APHSA Annual Report 2017

Using the Framework of the Value Curve, the Organizational Effectiveness (OE) team worked to advance multiple projects and strategies within select cities and counties. These chosen projects will enable the integration of health and human services to reduce downstream trauma and associated demands on the health care and human services support systems. They will also improve outcomes so that everyone in those chosen communities can live healthily and be well. APHSA’s Affinity Group, NSDTA is an essential partner in the work of the OE team, providing valuable insight and information to help members build a stronger, stable workforce. Ø Ø Partnering for Influence: APHSA partnered with the Kresge Foundation to conduct two system-wide assessments in Washington, DC and Milwaukee County, WI to understand the factors that impact health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs for high- risk individuals, with a focus on upstream prevention enablers and human service integration. Using the framework of the Value Curve as a lens, learning was co-produced with a design and project team from each locality. This provided a powerful learning opportunity for each site to begin translating the Value Curve to more tangible applications. Both localities identified priority strengths and barriers toward improving outcomes and developed an implementation plan. In Washington, DC the focus was on the identification of the factors impacting well- being outcomes of young parents ages 17-25 with children ages 0-6 with histories of or at-risk for drug/alcohol abuse, child abuse, or mental health challenges. Based on the data gathered, a prioritized plan for developing an interagency collaboration and root-cause integration strategy is being developed. Additionally, levels of risk for the young parent population are being assessed, 13 INFLUENCE WORKING WITH AND THROUGH OUR MEMBERS

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